Shear Comfort Sheepskin Wrap Around Boots

Shear Comfort Sheepskin Wrap Around Boots

Ergonomically crafted using medical grade sheepskin material, the wrap-around style with an enclosed toe area provides warmth and protection. The natural properties of wool reduce the threat of skin shearing and friction, whilst drawing heat and moisture away. Featuring AirTec technology, the boot is made with a matrix of small holes to increase air circulation to improve skin regeneration. Higher, denser wool pile (trimmed to 30 mm) offers greater cushioning capacity, increased pressure distribution characteristics and longer use-life. With a rippled rubber sole for indoor or outdoor use. The Wrap Around Boot features two generous Velcro straps for easy closure across the ankle and behind the heel, making it very easy to put on and off regardless of swelling or foot discomfort.

Shear Comfort products are washable to 80°C using a recommended wool wash (with a warranty of up to 50 washes). Available in various to fit both female and male shoe sizes as detailed in the specifications tab. We suggest measuring your foot using the method: With your heels against a wall, measure the inside length of your foot. It can be normal for both feet to have different measurements in length. When choosing a size, please base your shoe size selection on the foot length that is greater.

Internal shoe size measurement:
  • Small: 23cm – 24cm
  • Medium: 25cm – 26cm
  • Large: 26cm – 27cm
  • X Large: 28cm – 29cm


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