Magnesium Sensitive Spray

Magnesium Sensitive Spray

Magnesium Sensitive Spray has been formulated to be less oily and more user-friendly for those who experience an itchy or tingly sensation from regular magnesium oil products. This makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin or if you’re using topical magnesium for the first time.

The Sensitive Magnesium Oil features a trigger spray that can be easier to use than our regular mist sprays.

Magnesium Sensitive Spray can assist:

Supporting general health and wellbeing
Relieve symptoms of mild arthritis/mild osteoarthritis
Maintain immune system health
Reduce muscle cramps/leg cramps/muscle spasm
Support healthy muscles
Helps prevent dietary (state vitamin/mineral/nutrient) deficiency
Reduce symptoms of mild anxiety
Reduce headache & mild migraine symptoms
Relieve mild nerve pain/neuralgia
Decrease symptoms of premenstrual tension

Australian-Made | Vegan | Scientifically Formulated


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